Holiday 2022

Holiday 2022

Dearest readers,

Holiday 2022 is an ode to Marilyn Monroe, with the recent release of Blonde, her style has very much influenced this collection. The way she dresses herself inspired the silhouettes I designed this collection; from low ruched necklines to dresses that encapsulated her figure.

The holidays are often spent with family, finding the perfect outfit can be daunting - as Filipinos we are usually constrained to conservative silhouettes. However, this collection aims to change that, with the Fantasy dress and Forever dress, we aim to create a silhouette that redefined what was both classy and complimenting to the figure - we wanted to create something that was in the middle. Whilst, the pointelle sets can be mixed and matched to create a diversified wardrobe, very much inspired by Marilyn's own wardrobe where she loved clothes that fitted her figure beautifully.


Holiday 2022 is the embracing of figure-forming silhouette fit for family-friendly outings 'tis holiday season.

Celebrate the most joyful season with us.

Love, Mika

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